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A Complete Fitness Solution Since 2004

Body Talk Fitness is one of the most respected fitness and wellness facility in the Atlanta and Stockbridge area. Created by legendary IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Jeffery “Box” Long, Body Talk Fitness is the authority in fitness, health and muscle development since it opened in 2004.

Even with major competition from national gym franchises that recently opened nearby, Body Talk Fitness membership continues to expand due to our individualized approach and personal training offered by “Box” and his core group of certified JBL Fitness Consultants.

Our trained staff offers a wide range of proven workout plans to increase strength, flexibility and improve overall health. Our facility is fully equipped with proven training equipment and methods that provides fitness and wellness to all age groups. As a 24 hour facility, we adjust to your schedule and busy lifestyle by providing you with child care options, multiple fitness classes and ongoing nutrition seminars.

At Body Talk Fitness our focus is to help you achieve and surpass your health and fitness goals in a clean, relaxed and professional environment.


24 Hour Facilities & Programs

With the advances in technology we now live a fast pace life were finding time to dedicate to our bodies is very hard to do.  This is why Body Talk Fitness offers you the convenience of a 24 hour fitness center.  At any time of the day or night you can take advantage our state of the art equipment and certified staff.

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